Youth Ministry

At CBC we are very devoted in working with our young people.

It is our desire to work with our young people to build character, fellowship, relationships, and spiritual worship.  Our young people are not the church of tomorrow, but the church of today.  Our young people are very much active in the church.  It’s important for our youth to know that church is not about being entertained, but about personal service in the work of God.  We strive to provide alternative activities for young people without submitting to liberal world like methods. Below are a few things that our youth are involved in:

  • Sunday school for all age groups
  • Christian choir – they are a real blessing to the church
  • Special singing and music
  • Youth meetings at other churches
  • Youth meetings that are held at our church
  • Personal evangelism – our youth go visit homes in our community and invite others to church.
  • Youth Sundays – the youth take part in leadership roles in the church
  • Youth fellowships
  • Various activities that are scheduled throughout the year.
  • Mission trips
  • Learning the Word of God (KJV 1611)