Sunday School

From the Sunday School Director

Why should you attend Sunday school? This question is often asked. I would like to give you my reasons for attending. First, it helps you to grow in God’s Word. The more you learn of Him and His Word, the closer to Him you become. Sunday school also prepares you for worship and gives you time to reflect on where God wants you to be in your life. Each class – whether a child or elder- you meet with others in your own age group, which helps to build support for one another.

These are just a few reason to attend Sunday School. The most important reason I know for attending Sunday school is the love of my Saviour and what better way to show Him than to attend Sunday school and learn of Him. I would love to see you on Sunday morning. We have a class here at Calvary Baptist to fit any age from beginners to adult. Come see what God has for you. Sunday school starts each Sunday morning at 10:00 AM

Preschool Class

In the 2-4 year old class, we introduce God to the children through stories with visual aids and music. After the lesson we work on small crafts pertaining to what we have learned for that day.

Beginner’s Class

In the Beginner’s class, we strive to lay a foundation for the children by teaching basic Bible principles using characters and stories found in God’s Word. We follow up each lesson with a hands-on activity tied to the thought of the day along with a question and answer time to encourage interaction and participation within the class. If you have a child in Kindergarten or First grade, we would love to have them in our class.

Primary Class

In the Primary class we focus on:

  • Bible Truths : Who wrote the Bible?, What is sin?, Who is Jesus?
  • Prayer: Every week we take prayer request and take turns praying during class
  • How to be a good friend: “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly” Proverbs 18:24
  • Verse Searching: We practice using our Bibles to find certain verses

We try to discuss these areas weekly along with our lessons! There is no greater privilege than to be able to teach children about God.

Intermediate Class (grades 4-5)

At our church we have very good Sunday school material that lines up with the Bible.  During each class we have a Bible lesson, and then we do an activity sheet that has different fun things to do on it that applies to the lesson for that day, Every now and then we will do a special craft during certain times of the year.

Kids are naturally curious.  Lots of times they will ask things about God, and about things from God’s Word that they want to know more about.  Our hope is to make Biblical truths real to them.  That they will know and understand these truths.  Then they will see the need to apply those truths to their own lives even at their own age.

Juniors Class (grades 6-8)

In the Juniors class we begin with prayer requests from the students. After prayer, we read a weekly memory verse and read scriptures associated with the weekly lesson. We then break the lesson down and discuss the scriptures. We also have time for questions and encourge interaction from the class by having a weekly activity sheet. We close by having one of the students pray for the Sunday morning service and thanking God for the Sunday school hour. I stand truly amazed at how God has blessed me by allowing me to teach a Sunday school class for His honor and His glory.

Teens Class

High school students have questions. They want answers. In Calvary’s Teen Sunday School Class we strive to answer the hard questions that high schoolers face in their increasingly secular world. Questions like, [Why do bad things happen to good people?], or [Are there any moral absolutes?] The Bible has answers. Our goal is to study the Word of God and apply it to our lives. If you have questions we would love to study out the answers with you.

Adults Class

The adult Sunday school class is based solely on the doctrines and principles of the King James Bible. Our lessons range from comprehensive studies of entire books of the Bible, down to extensive word study of a single passage. For the past few years, and until God changes our direction;we have been studying the book of First Samuel. I would like to personally invite you to come be a part of our exciting class.