About Calvary Baptist Church

Calvary Baptist Church was founded in 1978.  Brother Ed Parsons was Calvary’s first Pastor.  It’s first location was in a day care center located in Tunnel Hill.  Having outgrown the day care center they moved the church into the Old Tunnel Hill Fire Hall.

Calvary’s next move was to Cottonwood Mill Rd.  Where it took over an old grocery store location.  Brother Parson’s resigned and Brother Ricky Clarke became Pastor.  After several years Brother Jerry Hammontree was elected Pastor.  Brother Cecil Williams was then elected Pastor in June of 1987 and faithfully served the church until December 2004 when he felt God leading him to resign.  We thank God for him and all the faithful men of God that helped Calvary Baptist become what it is today.

While Brother Williams was Pastor the church, having outgrown the store front, moved into a church building once owned by Southside Baptist Church.  Southside was a Satellite church of Highland Park Baptist in Chattanooga, TN.  The building was once on the corner of Cottonwood and Highway 41, where the land was leased. The building was later moved to a new location down and across the street on land owned by the church.  When the new sanctuary was built the old building was used as Sunday school rooms for several years until it finally was moved to make way for construction of what is now our new fellowship hall and sunday school rooms.

We now have new fellowship hall, seven sunday school rooms, a Pastor’s Study, a Secretaries office and more storage room.  Our Pastor now is Brother Tony Hyatt.

God has richly blessed our church.