WE at Calvary believe that Christ gave the Great Commission to the local church to go forth and evangelize the world with the gospel.  Mark 16:15.  With the need being so great, how can we do this?  We do this through supporting both foreign and local missionaries.

Calvary is engaged in missions throughout the year.  Below is a list of some of the ways on how we are involved.

  •       Calvary is currently supporting 50 different missionaries
  •       Mission’s kickoff at the beginning of the year
  •       Missions Sunday each quarter
  •       Faith Promise Program
  •       Mission’s board – where missionary’s letters are updated
  •       Missionaries preaching in our services
  •       Prayer for missionaries
  •       Help missionaries through our print ministry
  •       Introduction of our missions program to new members

Below is a list of the missionaries that we are currently supporting.  Let us invite you to come join us at Calvary Baptist Church as we ask ourselves this question, “am I willing to give, am I willing to go and share the gospel with those who have never heard?

Ben Andrews – Papua New Guinea – Warrenton Baptist Missions – Email: broandrews@gmail.com

Dr. Mike Bagwell – Evangelist – http://www.drmikebagwell.org/ Email: Preacher@DrMikeBagwell.org

Stinnett Ballew – Evangelist/Radio Broadcast – www.harvesttimebroadcast.com

BSALT w/ Steven Sykes – Evangelist/Helps Ministry - Email: bsalt@bsalt.org

Calvary Print Ministry – Helps Ministry – Email: calvarystand@me.com

Mark Coffey Family – South Africa – www.projectsouthafrica.com VisionBaptist Missions Email: missionarycoffey@gmail.com

Brandon Cook Family – Italy – www.mwbm.org Macedonia World Baptist Missions Inc. – Email: brandoncook@mwbm.org

Gary Crisp Family – Mission Evangelism - www.preachintime.comEmail: crispg871@yahoo.com

Bobby Gates – Mexico

J.E. Glass – Evangelist

Bill Goins – Helps Ministry – Email: calvarystand@me.com

Gospel Hour – Radio Ministry – www.TheGospelHour.org

Steve Gregory – Rock of Ages – www.roapm.com

Charles Hamilton Family – Mississippi -  Email: charleshamilton15@yahoo.com

Jeremy Holloway Family – South Sudan, Africa – Email: brojeremyholloway@gmail.com

Jason Holt – Chile – Macedonia World Baptist Missions Inc. – www.mwbm.org - www.biblicalmissions.comEmail: Holt@ciblicalmissions.com

Allen Johnson – Missionaries to the World – www.wingsbearingpreciousseed.org

Beth Johnson – North Africa – Macedonia World Baptist Missions Inc.

Ellis Johnston – Rock of Ages – www.roapm.com

Phil Keeter – Rock of Ages – www.roapm.com

Fred Kindhart – Mexico – Macedonia World Baptist Missions Inc.

Nathan Kirkman Family - Utah – New Grace Baptist Missions – www.hopeforutah.com

Will Lyon Family – Ecuador, South America – Email: wnllyon@yahoo.com

Dean McNeese – Evangelist – www.deanmcneese.comEmail: rdeanmcneese@aol.com

Jared Miskovic Family – Mexico – BMFP – Email: jar.chel.mex@gmail.com

Duane Moore - Evangelist/Helps – PTM – www.preachintime.comEmail: duanemoore@preachintime.com

Johnny Nix – Rock of Ages – www.roapm.com

Joseph Onikeku – Nigeria – www.emi-missions.org

Parks Family -Germany – Prayer Baptist Missions Inter. – Email: parksingermany@hotmail.com

Maurice  and Judy Payne – Forgotten Millions Nursing Homes – Email: mpayne@catt.com

Project Nehemiah – Reaching the Jews in Israel

John Sasser – Missionaries to the Jews

RG Smith – Africa – IBOM – Email: drrgmissions@windstream.net

Russell Stanford – Japan – Macedonia World Baptist Missions Inc.

Stephen Strull – Germany – Macedonia World Baptist Missions Inc. – www.mwbm.org

Steven Sykes Family – New Mexico – SIBC – www.winthewest.orgEmail: preacher@winthewest.org

Francis Thomas Family – West Indies – Rock of Ages – www.roapm.com

Darwin Tolibas Family – Philippines - IBMA – Email: dart3310@yahoo.com

Tyson Family – Central America – Good Samaritans Baptist Missions

Flavio Varella – Honduras, Central America

Ray Villarreal – Mexico – Warrenton Baptist Missions – Email: rvjmissmex@juno.com

Danny Ward Family – Mexico – BMFP – www.wardstomexico.com - Email: wards2mexico@gmail.com

Mike West – Construction Ministry – EMI

Brandon and Emily White – Native American Missions

Charlie Wysong – American Rights Coalition