Discipleship Program

Our church offers an excellent discipleship program called “Promoting Christian Growth.”

We would be delighted to help you get started in your personal studies of the scriptures.

There are two books that we use:

The first book contains 26 simple Bible lessons From A to Z.  This course is for the new convert or the Christian that needs a refresher.  This book is great for an individual looking for personal growth and some knowledge as to the basic truths of the Bible.


Once you have completed all 26 lessons you will be presented with a nice certificate.


Next we move into a doctrinal book where you will be studying “Bible Doctrines”. With this book there will be lessons to help the student come to an understanding of the doctrines of the Bible which establishes a solid foundation for what we believe. 


How can you obtain these materials?

  • ·        You can email us by going to the contact section on our website.


  • ·        Call the church phone – 1-706-673-7338.  Please leave us your name and phone number where we may contact you.


If you would like to study the scriptures, then please let us know and we can help you get started.